DC3Studios is dedicated to repairing and modifing vintage gaming consoles as well as computer repair, upgrading, and custom builds. (While trying to build funding for Indie Game Dev).
Services and Prices are as follows:
Clean up and refurb: $25 and up (+Parts needed)
Custom Paint job: $40 and up (Depending on desired look.)
PC Repair: $30 and up (+Parts needed)
PC Upgrades: $25 and up (+Parts needed)
Custom PC Builds: $65 and up (+Parts needed)
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Super Metroid Nintendo SNES

Sweet Metroid Snes Console

Super Metroid Nintendo SNES

Metroid Inspired Snes with Custom Controller

Atari 2600

Before and after on Atari 2600 Refurb

Nintendo Zelda

Zelda Nes


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Feedback is Appreciated!

Feedback Please!

This game is a work in progress. One of the things I like about building this is that many of the players participate in development! Please feel free to send feedback about ideas, bugs, suggestions and praise (I like to end on a high note! :)